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For Those Who Want To Know The Truth

This website is for those who believe that God is still raising up apostles, prophets, teachers, miracles and healers in our day and time. If you have ever felt that modern Christian church religion is lacking, this website is for you.

The Biblical teachings offered on this website are not for the average Christian who is happy with his institutional or home church. This website is for those who hunger and thirst for more than is available by the usual religious corporations, institutions and organizations. It is for those who feel something is missing in Christian faith and practice today and desire a faith not based on men but on the Word of God itself and that alone. It is for those who truly believe, the age of the power of God seen in the scriptures is not over. It is for sincere Christians who want to see the first century church live in the twenty first century.

It is the purpose of this site to provide the teachings of God's Word to the Body of Christ which circumvent the corporate and religious structures. These teachings provide spiritual nurture for those who are being delivered from corporate Christianity.

Instructional goals:

  1. Expose those doctrines and scriptures which have been
    used as weapons against Gods people for centuries.

  2. Provide accurate doctrine so each member of the
    Body of Christ can detect the counterfit doctrine
    Examples: The one Body of Christ, the Renewed Mind, the Tithe, etc.

  3. Provide teaching that will assist the believer with their operation
    of the gift of holy spirit, and their walk in newness of life.

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